Home 4 The World

NACU works every day to create innovative opportunities for the local community through Service-Learning activities and projects. In order to achieve this goal, NACU collaborates with different stakeholders in Siena, such as local public schools and volunteer organizations, like the Misericordia, the association “Le Mura”, and the UICI (Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli Ipovedenti).

After extensive work with SIS Intercultural Study Abroad, a program focused on second language acquisition and intercultural learning, the Home 4 The World project was created with the main goal of assisting refugees and migrants from all around the world.
There are many areas that Home 4 The World is focused on helping with. The first and most urgent is to support refugees, who are trying to navigate the Italian legal system by providing them with the basic legal information necessary to formalize the asylum application. In particular, the information provided is intended to help those looking to acquire residency documents such as Modello C3, temporary residence permit, and the codice fiscale (Italian tax code).
Home 4 The World is also ready to help refugees get familiar with the Covid-19 Italian regulations and with the steps to be taken once arrived on Italian territory to avoid spreading the virus.
Another service that the program offers is access to the Italian healthcare system. Home 4 the World informs refugees and migrants about its functioning, how to obtain the STP (straniero temporaneamente presente) certificate for foreigners temporarily present on the Italian territory, as well as the procedure to receive the Italian health insurance card (tessera sanitaria).
Home 4 The World is also supporting refugees to find an accomodation. The program aims at providing them with information regarding the reception centers and shelters where they will be able to be housed once their asylum application is formalized, as well as the available housing options during the period preceding formalization.
Despite the program being so new, there are already new areas of assistance including psychological support, tutoring for students, language classes, and CV and job counseling that Home 4 the World aims at developing. More specifically, tutoring services would include help with homework after school as well as language tutoring for minor students. Furthermore, with the support of SIS Intercultural Study Abroad Italian and English language classes will be offered to refugees and migrants of all ages. Lastly, as far as CV and job counseling are concerned, Home 4 The World hopes to assist people in looking and applying for jobs, as well as in writing resumes.

For more details, visit the Home 4 The World Website.